Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yoga, Anyone?

I just checked my class roster and lo & behold, there are still spaces available in my spring Path of Yoga class, PHE 200F. Here’s a link, just in case you want to register for the Karly 2.0 version, lol!

Another cool update: my Fall Com 134 class is aware of a good bit of news: my book for that class is being published by Linus. I emailed the book chapters while waiting for my first flight at Sky Harbor – and here’s a link with the ISBN & everything, woo hoo! It’s called Bridges: Making Meaningful Connections and will be available for my spring class, soon to be on, hurray! (The interweb is a beautiful thing... :-)

Was delayed in Heathrow, but so was my final flight to Phoenix, so all is well. Yeah, I’m home safe & all is well :-) P.S. Yes, I really did spend three weeks in India with just a carry-on & a backpack. Makes going through customs wayyyy easier ;-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dirty Feet

That was the first thing I had to get over in India, as there is much construction at the ashram and well, shoes off wherever you go. So just add water and dusty feet translate to muddy dining areas, bathrooms you name it. Can you say, “relax with what is?” (or “cultural relativism” for my Soc 101 students?)

Meanwhile, another ashramite was challenged by tiny children scampering around the construction sites barefoot and guys running about on top of half-constructed buildings without harnesses (that’s her line of work back home).

Endlessly fascinating what we tune into, as I kept filing away images of the women in saris hammering rocks, carrying water jugs and planks on their heads at the construction sites. (Uh yes, vestiges of the caste system alive and well…and the admonishments not to feed dogs or give cookies to children… more on that this spring Soc 101 students…)

So back to the photo -- my shoes were trashed in short order. I didn’t think to bring a pair of Crocs, but that’s my advice, dear readers, next time you’re in India, bring Crocs. Wash n’ wear, unlike these Naots. Ah, I wasn’t fond of them anyway. But check it out, cool soles, eh?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cross Cultural Awareness

Looks a little scary, eh? Well, there are Western toilettens mixed in, too, but always a long Western queue, what to do? Does patience outweigh "adventure," hmmm?

So the first thing I noticed at the ashram was this interesting head nodding gesture (up & down and side to side at the same time), which I first deciphered to mean, "yes, sure that's fine," but later learned it could mean pretty much anything, lol! Let Johney explain it further in this clip, lol!

In India, it's also polite to say, "no no I couldn't," and then they insist. And then you acquiesce. I rather like that dance, lol!

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a Puzzla

Okay, just a quick note, because a few of you might be curious on how that all went... (Yes, I promise Jen W., no more posting at the ashram, I'll just "soak it in" these last few days :-)

So...I remained upright in a seated position the entire night, the second night in a row of all-night meditations. And I'm oddly not tired. Even uh, refreshed?! Must have slept. Or something? And the lions, tigers and bears all ran away... so all there is left is to just... be in the moment? Ponderous, eh?

Whir, Whir, Whirrrr!

Ahhh, I'm going to need a good bit of R & R when I finally get off this ride, so be nice. I feel like I've been through a rock tumbler (or some equally spinny, grindy machine), as we did another all night meditation last night focusing on letting gItalico of stories, baggage, little satchels of hurt (oh my!) and another all-night meditation is just a few hours away (I think with the same lions, tigers & bears theme...)

Some of you know how I am on no sleep (can we say "sensitive"...?) 'nuff said.

Meanwhile, yay, no British Airlines strike after all, woo hoo! Thanks to Cynthia, Om, Janell, Jean Marie & everyone at Team Karly for reassuring me that the SS Minnow would stay afloat with Thurston & Lovey on deck even I got a bit waylayed in -- what's that acronym again? bf-I?

Will try to post again, although my marching orders are to "minimize contact with the outside world" -- wha wha what?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shiny Happy People!

So the latest meditation was one in which we found a person we hadn't spoken with & then were to "connect" with them through direct eye contact (uh, gazing, staring) to recognize the Divinity Within (remember, this is India, an ashram, you know the drill).

This went on for some time, was a little unnerving at first, but then at the end, it became one giant kumbaya fest with much laughter and giddiness among all. Which lasted until about lunch, lol. Then it was back to somber faces, irritation and complaints about who is behaving badly... Which is why it's just me & my laptop at the moment, lol!

No seriously, this is one of the most amazing & powerful experiences I've ever had & won't fully "sink in" until I'm back and can regroup. All is well in India! :-)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Walking Meditation

So this morning, we did an extremely cool walking meditation, in which you cultivate an awareness of the beauty (and presence of the Infinite – this is an ashram after all) in every aspect of the world around you. (This includes people who rinse out their mouths in the dish washing sink and walk off with others’ shoes, lol!) You might try this one the next time you’re out in nature, just a Karly Yogini tip of the day.

P.S. Many people are smiling, getting nicer and playing well with others. And I don’t think it’s just because they want to borrow my laptop.